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Even though there are some concerned with the cost to provide these services, the benefit to both child and parent outweighs this. After- school programs help support a child's development, programs provide a safe environment and supervision, and helps keep them out of trouble while their parents work. Essay about After School Programs - 971 Words | Bartleby Essay about After School Programs. Some programs are run by a primary school and some by externally funded non-profit or commercial organizations, such as a YMCA, Boys and Girls Club or even a faith-based program organized by a church. These after-school youth programs can occur inside a school building or elsewhere in the community,... Essay about Effective After-school Programs - 596 Words ... The after-school programs are essential in promoting awareness and prevention of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, abstinence, and violence to young children or adolescents. The South Carolina Afterschool Alliance program strives to reach the community and explain the importance of after-school programs. After School Prevention Children And Young People Essay After school programs are beneficial to children and teens it could change the way they act and can keep teens off the streets and out of trouble; like gang violence and overall live a better life.

After-School Program Outcomes: A Review of the Literature and Evaluation Data Overview This review aims to provide context to the current evaluation efforts of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s (BGCA) after-school homework help and tutoring program, Power Hour. To conduct the search for the literature reviewed here, we used both web-

Benefits of After School Programs It keeps children on the Right Track. The children’s engagement or involvement in after school programs dissuades children from antisocial or delinquent activities and becoming victims of crime and violence, which predominantly occurs approximately during after school … Benefits of After School Programs Free Essay

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Programs and services such as TANF, Head Start, child care, child support are designed to improve well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Social Services | Skip to main content Why Should We Care About Vocational Education? | Edutopia

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I started volunteering in my last year of high school so that I would have something to add to my university applications. At first, I would just be a helping hand in local community events, such as bake sales and food drives. But then, I was asked to help organize an after-school program for children. This changed my life forever. PDF When Homework is not Home Work: After-School Programs for ... ful urban after-school program found that safety was an es-sential element to the program's 25-year success. Another role assumed by after-school programs has been the promotion of cultural and community identification, ap-preciation, and responsibility. Many after-school programs, particularly those that serve children from ethnic minority, Student Engagement in After-School Programs, Academic Skills ... Research on the relationship between after-school program participation and student outcomes has been mixed, and beneficial effects have been small. More recent studies suggest that participation is best characterized as a multidimensional concept that includes enrollment, attendance, and engagement, which help explain differences in student outcomes.

In the article, After-School Programs: Keeping Children Safe & Smart, by An-Me Chung; she discusses how after school programs positively beneficial for the youth. Chung states, that according to U.S. Departments of Education and Justice, local after school